Saltburn Gill

Added on 11th April 2017 by Audrey Barnes


Variations in colour of Bluebells and Anemones.


[The pink Bluebell is very interesting. Usually when people say they have seen a pink bluebell I (Martin) assume it’s a hybrid between the Spanish Bluebell and the English bluebell which sometimes escapes from gardens into the wild. However, our native Bluebell does very rarely have white and pink colour forms (I’ve only ever seen a white one). The photograph shows all the signs of being a rare native pink Bluebell, i.e. the flowers are long and thin, the petals look like they are about to curl back, and they seem to hang on only one side of the stalk. If we were there we could sniff the flower to see if it was sweetly scented and then look to see if the pollen was cream to be absolutely sure.]